Living in New York City, I’m currently the Head of Syndication and Social Video at Condé Nast Entertainment. Previously I was Senior Strategist for Emerging Media at NowThis, a digitally distributed video news company. I found my way into analytics while I was an Open intern at The Guardian. However, it was when I was at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2012 that I first learnt that my inner geek was a rather cool lady.

I like telling stories about people – about their technology, their social media or cultural revolutions. When I went to journalism school(twice) I thought I wanted to tell those stories, then I found immense satisfaction in getting those stories out to people – through the channels they use most naturally.

When I’m not running numbers or cutting video, I’m watching a film, taking pictures or throwing spices into something I hope will turn out well. I’m always reading something and trying to find other things to read. If you say it, I will vehemently deny I’m borderline obsessive compulsive but I live in lists and my life is color-coded.

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  1. Hi Dhiya,

    We met at ONA in LA. I work for the School of Journalism as the digital manager. I am interviewing with Katharine Zaleski tomorrow for a position with Power to Fly. Julie Hartenstein at the JSchool suggested you might have some insights about Power to Fly and/or working with Katharine. Would you have time today or tonight to talk on the phone?

    I just sent you a long overdue LinkedIn invite.

    Congratulations on your new post at Conde Nast!

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