Book Review – Pink or Black


Author: Tishaa

Publisher: Rupa & Co

Price: Rs. 95

Debutante writer Tishaa’s effort is a simple, occasionally humorous tale of a teenage girl, Tiana. Tiana is at a boarding school and is on a mission to find herself. Before you begin thinking it’s a tame attempt at introspection, its not.


Tiana sets herself some simple questions along the lines of favourite colour, favourite food and starts looking for answers . Surrounded by friends whose lives revolve around boyfriends, clothes and looking good Tiana being single, non-social drinker and disinterested in clothes or make up is an exception. The book is structured around what is every teenager’s story. With crushes, academic pressure, comradeship, trends and popularity… the book talks about the power of choice and how she subtly exercises it. Figuring out what she liked was one part of the book. Standing up for it was the other, more interesting part.

The author keeps the book very light both in terms of situations and the answers she is looking for. You never feel like your reading about any exceptional character that is out to conquer the world. Tiana could easily be anyone you know. That’s the reason the book was so appealing. The only noticeable flaw in the book is that the author has credited a quote to Shakespeare when actually it’s a Jane Austen quote. That the editors missed such an evident flaw is disappointing. Pink or Black is very obviously chick-lit but it is a refreshingly real portrayal of being a teenager.

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