Ole blu’ ones!

Rugged. Denim. Blue. Well worn. Ink stained. Been with me through thick. And thin.  Had sand in her pockets. Held me close when I was crying. Dried my tears. Comforted me when I was alone. Made me look great. Helped me feel loved. Pulled me through ‘fat days’. Caused me some as well. Sat with me on late nights. Slept with me when I was too tired to move. Put up with my idiosyncrasies. Made me feel beautiful. Brought me compliments. Been my best friend. Eternal. Comforting. Memories. Faded. Scribbles.

There will come a time where, like everything else material, I will outgrow her. Then my mother will deem her unfit for further appearance in society. Maybe I’ll keep her or maybe another one just as good will come along, but no matter what I’ll always love my BlueJeans.

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