Where are we going my lovely?

“Blindly following a predetermined, predestined path”

Kunthi and the Nishadin, Mahasweta Devi

Are we? Do we all merely exist? Letting life take us on a path that the stars have marked out for us? Or are our lives a result of something greater? Do we get to choose? Choice? We all have it don’t we? Or is it simply the illusion of it?  Or are we all simply tossed by the winds of fate? Where are we going? What are we doing? Do we have a purpose? Are those stories that we heard as a child, the ones about every person and everything having a reason for existence, are those stories true? Or do some simply exist for existence sake? To be the cheerleaders for another’s triumphant march to glory?

There is this, game I suppose you could call it, that requires two people to have a conversation using only questions. Watching that made me realize that even normal conversation is full of questions. When you tell someone you want to go around the world in eighty day, they might laugh and say brilliant you should! And yet there are the unsaid questions, “are you serious?” or “do you ever stop joking?”, “Why would you want to?” The words might not have questions but the mind does. And it’s when these questions are left unanswered that the chaos begins. Don’t be afraid to ask, “What are you thinking?”, “what do you mean?”, “what’s running through your head?” If you’re around to wonder you deserve to know. And for when you get asked the question, if something is on your mind, say it. No matter what the consequences. It was asked for!

Back to destiny, are we simply a product of fate? Are our choices and actions merely a result of the arrangement of stars at the time of our birth? Do we really have the power to make our lives? And if we do, how do we make those choices? Is it our upbringing? Or is it something we’re born with. In our DNA. Nature or nurture?

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