I am Indian!

Today is Independence Day here! Jai Hind and all that! Don’t get me wrong I feel patriotism for my country but it really depends on how you define it. There are so many stereotypes to it. So much cultural confusion. But I am Indian. 

If it involves me standing with my hand over my heart while the flag is hoisted early in the morning, I didn’t do it. If it means wearing a flag all day I didn’t do it. If it means having an opinion on whether or not India is shining, I do not. If it means waking up to political discussions, I don’t. Yet I am Indian. 

I may not always wear a saree or practise yoga. I’ve never tried Ayurveda. Kamasutra is something my friends and I joke about. I barely speak my mother tongue and I don’t even know all the languages the country has. I am Indian. 

I don’t plan to be a doctor or an engineer. Marriage is not something I’m even remotely considering. My latest knowledge of the constitution involves section 377.I am not religiously fanatic. I don’t idolise Bollywood. I don’t watch saas-bahu serials. I am Indian.

I don’t know the meaning of my national anthem. I don’t belong to a political side. I don’t even have an opinion on political sides. I discuss kisses, boys and sex with my friends. I’ve seen the Taj Mahal just once. I am Indian.

I see cows on the street and think nothing of it. I don’t have long black hair, big breasts and a tiny waist. I speak English well and I majoring in it. I cant cook anything, I can barely boil water. I watch cricket, football and tennis with equal passion. I know more English songs than Hindi or Tamil ones. I am Indian

I can eat food standing on the road and enjoy it immensely. I party, I drink, I don’t go to bed by seven. I speak my mind. I don’t let anyone tell me what to do. I’ve never read Amar Chitra Katha and I grew up on Enid Blyton. My ambition is not to be married and have two fair kids. I am Indian.

The strains of the national anthem make me stand up in respect. I agree with “matha, pitha, guru, deivam.” I wish India forward with all my heart. I believe that as Indians we should give back to our country what our country has given us. I believe we have an identity and a culture, roots that we should respect. I believe in my country, its heritage and its people. I love my country. 

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I Love my country. I am proud of its rich and varied culture. I shall always strive to be worthy of it.I shall love and respect my parents, teachers and elders.To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion

4 thoughts on “I am Indian!

  1. Hey Dhi:)
    Finally, I am commenting:)
    Absolutely loved the last post, it was just so *wawa*.. feel pretty damn proud though to be an Indian:)
    Keep posting Dhi!


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