Student Speak – More Chennai Than Madras

I have lived in Chennai all my life. I remember lots of things that have come and disappeared in my 18-year-old life. While I’m of the generation that has woken up not to the smell of filter kappi but rather to my phone buzzing, a generation for whom it is more Chennai than Madras, it does not make me any less a Chennai-ite. I crib about the roads that are always being dug and the water that is eternally stagnant. I curse the endless traffic and the bad drivers. I hate share autos and the people who spit paan on the road and on newly painted walls. I wish we had better, cooler places to hang out. I’d like it to be less noisy. Anyone who doesn’t live in Chennai is missing out! Chennai’s grown and so have I with her.

One thought on “Student Speak – More Chennai Than Madras

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Nice blog btw Dhiya! Randomly came across it and then it hit me that its you. Good job. 🙂

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