I have a dream

I live in a world where violence is an everyday occurrence, where rape is no longer a rarity, where war is the route to peace, where politics decide fates. I live in a country where money can buy justice, where corruption is a way of life, where education and food are luxuries, where child labour goes unchecked. I live in the knowledge that I have a dream.I will not say that dreams are the surest way to success. I will not say that dreams are easy to follow. I will not even say that dreams are safe. But I will say this – without dreams, life would lose its sheen, and regress to mere existence.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is worthwhile to dream and then I remember the man who immortalised the words, ‘I have a dream’ and what it achieved.Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement is the first thought on every persons mind when they hear the words but the achievement often dwarves the dream. What began as a passionate cry went on to become a revolution.

Dreams by definition are an attempt at the inconceivable, before the Wright brothers the world believed that flying was for birds, before Alexander Graham Bell conversations happened face to face, before Edison it was wax that lit up our lives, before Karl Benz horse power will still be a true statement,before James Watt, a steam engine led industrial revolution may have died in its infancy, before Gutenberg and his printing press, knowledge, dreams and ideas would still exist in pockets. Before dreams there was stagnation.

I have a dream for my generation: As the youth of a generation blessed abundantly in more ways than we can count, I believe that we have the ability to make our dreams and the dreams of our forefathers’ reality.It is our dreams that will determine the course of the future of this nation.We build worlds out of our dreams. We build lives. We have the ability to shape the flow of events, beginning in our very own colleges and leading out into the world. I dream of leaving a mark this year. I dream that we make a significant difference to one person’s life this year. I dream we plant five trees. I dream channel our energies into constructive avenues of learning and development. We have the right, responsibility, duty and – above all – privilege to lead this generation of young citizens into the outer world. And make dreams reality.

I have a dream for my country: A famous Indian once put it eloquently, “A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.” Famous words,spoken by the country’s first prime minister just after midnight, on Aug. 15,1947. What Nehru was referring to, of course, was the birth of India as an independent state. What we are witnessing today is the birth of India as an independent society—boisterous, colourful, open, vibrant and, above all, ready for change.  I dream that every child has the undeniable, uninhabited access to education. I dream of an India where men and women can stand shoulder to shoulder and claim responsibility for our country. I dream of a country where caste is not a consideration.  India’s growth maybe messy, chaotic and largely unplanned but India is growing. The nation of 1.2 billion people after 63 years of independence deservedly stands poised on the edge of economic, political and social greatness. We can take it across.

I have a dream for my world: I dream of peace, of prosperity, of tolerance, of understanding, of equality among very different people.I dream of a world where speech is free and silence is valued. I dream of a world where rivers can flow and trees can grow.I dream of a country where corruption is not the key to every obstacle. I dream of a world where youth and experience will learn to walk side by side. I dream of a world where power is not determined by political strong-arming. I dream of a world where every person has a voice. I dream.

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