Sonnet 1

I have this amazing friend who is now a published author. Over the last two and a half years we have grown incredibly close. She’s a brilliant writer and a terrific human being. An off statement in class resulted in her writing me a sonnet. Iambic Pentameter and all. You can find her here . And below is what she wrote me. If I was the crying type, I would have cried but this touched me in so many ways. Thank you, Priya.

The world is not enough, and words cannot say,

How much it means that she’s a part of my life.
So dark the night, and hot the day
But still she comes to lessen my strife.
We’ve spun Fortune’s wheel, we’ve wound
Up the charm; we’ve worked, laughed and hopped
We’ve grown in leaps and in bounds —
And never on the way my hand she’s dropped.
So say, do you hear the glad song of my heart?
She is coming, she’s coming, a gleam in her eye
A skip in our step, before she departs —
Howe’er it was that tempers ran high;
For she is the one, the one, the only one
Whom I’d trust when I need a battle won.

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  1. Go ahead. As long as I get nice introductory note saying how much you love me and all 😀

    Picture, you need to fish for yourself out of somewhere.

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