Thank you and Good Night

This is the transcript of my Vote of Thanks from College Day 2011.

I am deeply honored and privileged to be giving the Vote of Thanks this evening. College Day is an immensely significant occasion for many of us, specially the outgoing batch. We have spent time at Stella, time that has changed us irrevocably, and made us the people we are today.  Nobody can claim so much time from anyone, institution or person, without having many significant people to thank.

I must begin with thanks to God almighty, for his guidance and presence in our lives through the year here. Everything, big or small, is possible only with his blessing and we have indeed been greatly blessed.

Our Chief Guest for the evening, Dr. V. Suresh, National Secretary, thank you so much for taking time off from what I am sure is a busy schedule. Your presence here added so much to the event. It is small respect we can pay you for the role you have played in bettering society.

The people who have stood behind us through this year, the Management at Stella Maris College, our Principal, Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras f.m.m., our Superior and Secretary, Sr. Susan f.m.m., our Vice Principals, Dr. Sr. Colleen North, Dr. Geetha Swaminathan and Ms. Leema Francis. They have been incredibly supportive of us throughout the year. All our dreams and aspirations for this year, have materialized into reality only because of their unconditional belief and support. My three years at Stella would have been very different without you.

Another support system that keeps Stella Maris College such a wonderful, bright place, is the presence of our Student Deans. Responsible for all student related activities along with the Union, they have given so much of themselves to the college. Ceaselessly working and ever cheerful they have helped us take the achievements of the Stella Maris Students’ Union to unprecedented heights. Thank you Deans.

As for todays’ programme, a very special mention to the Organising Committee(headed by Dr. Vimala Stephen) for putting together this evening. No event is possible without collective responsibility and effort and with the evening we have just experienced; there is no doubt as to the effort that has gone in. So many wonderful parts came together to make a whole and it is immense credit to the meticulousness and dedication that the event has generated. Every detail from stage decoration, to flower arrangements to ushering and refreshments was looked into, nothing being more or less important, everything coming together in perfect harmony. Thank you so much.

The wonderfully creative team who put together the cultural programme we were treated to. Music to the soul and a feast for the eyes, what would we do in a world with colour. Thank you for making this evening so much brighter.

Sr. Hilda, Stella Maris knows how integral you are to our smooth functioning. Thank you so much for you sincerity and cooperation throughout the year. It would be a blatant understatement to say that we would be lost without you.

Stella Maris cannot claim the success of an even without thanking various departments around the city for their cooperation and support. The Metropolitan Transport Cooperation for having arranged specials for this evening to ensure that every student is able to attend this event and get home safely. Special thanks to the Chennai Traffic Police for the additional security they have given us this evening. And of course, the Press for covering the event. We are grateful and acknowledge your presence here.

As a student, leaving the portals of a college that has given me so much I have even more to be grateful for. Gratitude that no words can do justice to, but that I shall try to vocalize, however inadequately.

Stepping into Stella Maris College three years ago, I had hopes, dreams and visions about the next three years at Stella. However, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that three years would pass by me so fast. That there would not be a day I could recollect having no purpose. I never imagined finishing three years such a changed person. I know I have grown immensely in the last three years, and the people who are testimony to the fact are the people I am most grateful to.

My dear teachers, for being so selfless and dedicated to your profession, you deserve accolades we cannot give you. Our time at Stella has been enriched in so many ways thanks to your guidance and support. I cannot claim we were immaculate angels but I will be failing miserably in my duty if I do not acknowledge the fact that each one of us who are leaving are taking with us something no classroom can give us. We are taking away memories of enthusiasm and commitment, we are taking away knowledge, however grudgingly received and most importantly, we are taking away lessons that we have learnt from simply interacting with the wonderful people who choose to impart knowledge as their careers.

Our parents, dear parents, every student sitting here is a product of love, support and moulding they have received from you. If our country is to move forward, we need our women. And if we women are to move forward, we need our parents. I can certainly speak for myself when I say, I am who I am because of the incredible support system I have back home. All the things Stella has offered me has been enriched by the support of my family. Dear parents, we would be lost, as students, as people and as women, if I were not for you. Thank you.

My dear fellow students, you are Stella’s biggest, best and brightest resource. The ultimate Stella Maris experience is a result of you. Your enthusiasm, your success, your efforts and your triumphs. I know you have shaped and defined my three years here. There is no greater happiness than seeing an entire student body come together as one and I do hope that you, my dear juniors will continue to take Stella forward.

And finally to Stella Maris College, for providing each one of us with a conducive environment to grow and become the people we are. For the graduating class, there is a sense of nostalgia and fondness. For the batches who have time left at Stella, use it well. It will hold you in good stead.

Thank you all for being here and sharing this evening with us. We are truly humbled by your presence. Good Night

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