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Gadgets are an ‘everybody’ thing. Everyone loves them. Even the most tech-challenged individuals have a gadget they can’t live without, whether it’s an electric grinder or the TV remote. The connoisseurs of gadgets however, are college kids. Not only are they loads of fun and a great conversation starter, they contribute significantly to productivity. That being said, college students are rarely in the position to indulge themselves, so this is really for all those of you who know college kids and are wondering what to get them 😉

  • Phones: Not just college students, every second person has one, from taxi drivers to grandparents, to billionaires. For the gadget conscious and tech savvy, however, it’s not just having a phone that counts, what phone you have is just as important – if not more so. With all the emphasis on connectivity today, it’s almost a given that the phone must be web browser compatible. Not to mention long battery life, decent camera and great looks. Blackberries seem to be the preferred phone all around, with the iPhone a close second. As Aqib Anwar says of his Blackberry, “I read tweets, Facebook statuses, football news, talk to people, read and respond to email, everything anywhere.” It’s pretty much what every student wants from his/her phone.
  • Laptops: This essential piece of technology helping with internet connectivity is something most urban college students do not know how to live without. Information technology seems to be seamlessly integrated into every college student’s life. And for those of you buying the laptops, consider light, easy-to-carry around devices. Priya K very rightly says, “No student in today’s day and age can survive college without a laptop. You can’t really expect an Internet cafe to be open at midnight the day before your assignment is due, now can you?”
  • Gaming: It’s an integral part of unwinding. From a good ole’ game of cards to gaming consoles, today’s student has no dearth of activity to help unwind. Some consoles are even a good way to get some exercise into your day. As one friend put it, “A gaming console is every man’s answer to the life, universe and everything.”
  • Cameras: Capturing moments has never been more attractive. With Facebook providing the reactions and being prime source of attention, entertainment and information, cameras are essential to every student. With plenty of options in the market, students have much to choose from. Of course, there are those for whom photography is more than just about pointing and clicking; and others to whom phone cameras are more than enough. Bhavya Balantrapu claims, “Most people pick up a camera to click pictures of themselves with friends or to remember a crazy day and slowly the camera starts to capture their interest.”
  • Music: Music undoubtedly plays a large part in the lives of college students. Almost everyone has music they listen to while studying, to the music they may be unconsciously subjected to while at a party. Having it portable, on an iPod or mp3 player, makes things so much simpler. Joesph Rajini Asir says, “I get to carry my music wherever I want. It makes everything so much more eventful. And for a musician, it is a portable learning house.”
  • Pendrives/Mass storage devices: With the information overload, students need to be able to carry everything their phones cannot store too. Nitish Suresh sums up why every student needs one, “With a body that’s small enough to fit into a pocket and the incredible utility of getting files (music, videos, projects) quickly transferred from one hard drive to another, it’s something that every student needs/has.”
  • Alarm clocks: We all know about those hard to meet deadlines, early classes and exams we have to study for. The alarm clock is every students handy aid. While most resort to their friends and phones, it’s worth investing in a good one. Divyam Nagpal seems certain that it’s unlikely that he’d have been able to complete his course in the stipulated period without an alarm clock.

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