Theatre Review – The Travelling Circus

The Travelling Circus is performed in a style created through improvisation as opposed to conventional interpretation. The telling manages to keep audiences mesmerised through its one hour performance with poignancy laced with humour. The possibly controversial subject portrays the reality of war and its human consequences. The production shows the plight of the displaced and destitute in Sri Lanka; a political issue shown through a social context. The play uses an interesting device in the Question Tree to remind the audience that there is never a reason to stop asking questions. Sets were minimal and stark forcing the audience to pay attention to the actors . With characters representing internally displaced people in Sri Lanka, bureaucracy and the media, the play offers two conclusions . One a likely reality and the other emphasising the message that hope will survive even through the worst situations and that the nation will survive. The music entwined with the performance drew tunes and lyrics from various popular musicals adding diversity. . Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the politics of war and human displacement would have been moved by this production.

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