To reserve or not to reserve

I come out of gender classes with interesting new ideas. Today wasn’t so much about a question I had but something I heard.

“Reservation is a default setting.”

I’ve never been able to decide a definite stand on reservation. I’ve debated whether we have matured as a country enough to do without it? I’ve thought it unfair to expect students of various classes to compete against each other unless they have been accorded the same privileges. And then the independent woman in me instinctively rebels when I hear about how women need a helping hand to get up in society. How far up do you offer reservation? If a post-graduate student deserving of reservation based on caste or gender? Shouldn’t they have acquired skills by that point?

Today was the first time I realised that unless reservation was custom-made to sit each situation, it would not work. Reservation cannot be a blanket fix-it-all reaction. 33% reservation is unlikely to change anything if unless you question where reservation happens and why. Should the freedoms women are fighting for be awarded or earned?


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