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I went for a designer store opening yesterday. It was my first and very likely my last. I went cause my friends were going and it was unlikely that I was ever going to get another chance like this. So I dressed up a little got in the car and three of us drove off to the event. I walked in to cameras and a high-couture. Not something I had ever seen outside the media. It was fancy heels and designer outfits, so much so that I felt completely under-dressed.

Anyway, what interested me was the fashion show. When the women took the ramp I found myself judging them on nothing but their bodies and how they pulled the clothes off. It was only ten minutes into the show that I realised what I was doing. I realised that I expected women who took to the ramp to have a ‘certain’ look that conformed to stereotypical models of beauty. In my head, I found myself thinking about how they shouldn’t be on the ramp if they weren’t going to pull it off. At one point I had to force myself to stop thinking about how the models looked and observe only the clothes.

I came home and wondered about it. If after six weeks of Gender class and many hours of reading and thinking about what the female body meant, I found it easy enough to judge a woman on the basis of physical appearance alone. Then I realised, I would judge a man who took to the ramp for being out of shape too. My logic was this, if women or men choose the ramp as their profession, they should treat it as a career choice and ensure that their lifestyle supplements it.

Then I wondered if I am saying that only the so-called perfect man or woman has space on the ramp? What kind of person does that make me?

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