The Thayir-Sadam Theory

I have a theory about why all the Tamil Brahmins(TamBrams) I know are so overly smart and accomplished. I think their super strength comes from all the thayir-sadam that they eat. If you have never eaten at a TamBram house somewhere in TamilNadu, you might not know what I am talking about. It is an integral part of every south-Indian meal I have had. All the brainy girls and boys I know, and there are many, are so different. I did random survey where I tried to figure out what the consistent similarity was and the only think I noticed, more from observation than admission, was that they all loved thayir-sadam.

Whether they saw it as comfort food or whether they just loved it, they all ate lots of it. The rare ones who don’t like it don’t fall in the almost-genius category. I’ve had this theory for a while, actually. I’m sure mother’s love and cajoling add to the superior brain activity but the thayir sadam is definitely a factor.

Challenge, anyone?

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