History the way I like it

I’ve always known I like visuals. Video has always been fun, my mind works in the way of sequences and continuity. In the last three months, however, I’ve realised more and more that I like stills too. Stills have this powerful way of capturing moments that get missed in the rush of movement. That sudden smile or unexpected tear. Those are things that speak volumes when preserved in still images. More than anything that is moving.

What I have also known a long time, is that I like history. I enjoy hearing the stories of the past and finding similarities to today, what I dislike is being taught history, because it means I don’t get to pick what I want to do. It also means I get bored. The only thing worse is when someone mixes history and philosophy and tries to hand me a life lesson.

So I’ve been whining a lot about history lessons I’ve been forced to take and I’d almost forgotten how much I loved history, until ISNERD reminded me with this.


Enjoy, I certainly did 🙂

Disclaimer: You might just spend hours on the page before you realize you have a ton of work.

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